NBA Finals 2023: Dates, times, TV Schedule and How to watch games

The NBA regular season is underway from October 2021 to June 2022. However, the NBA Finals will begin in the first week of June. Usually, the Eastern and Western conference winners meet for the final battle to determine the NBA champion for the season. 

NBA Finals 2022

Nevertheless, the champion gets the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. So, if you are a real fan, you may watch the NBA games in the stadium. Besides, you can also enjoy the NBA live stream via cable TV and online.

This article will take you through the various ways to watch the NBA Finals 2022 live stream online.

When are the 2022 NBA Finals?

The NBA Final 2022 will follow the usual schedule. Therefore, the finals’ date is set for June 2, 2022, which will finish on June 19, 2022 (if game seven is required).

Date Team Game Time TV
Thursday, June 2 TBD 1 TBD ABC
Sunday, June 19 TBD 7* TBD ABC

What channel is NBA Finals on?

While the live NBA Finals stream for the regular season is available on ESPN and TNT, the finals are streamed on ABC. The NBA has contracts with TNT and ESPN until the 2024-25 season. However, all games might not be telecasted nationwide. So, most of the games are usually broadcasted on regional TV networks. Apart from that, you can also watch NBA streams live via online TV streaming platforms, which we will discuss later in this article.

How to watch NBA Finals?

The NBA finals will be telecasted on ABC as well as ESPN3. If you have ABC or ESPN3 through cable, you can watch for free on your TV. However, if you don’t have a cable subscription, you can watch via several methods online.

Nevertheless, ABC can be watched via several streaming services without cable. Nowadays, most people don’t have cable TV. Hence, watching online has been becoming popular lately. The next part of this article will describe the ways to watch NBA finals without cables.

How to watch NBA Finals 2022 live stream without cable?

If you are a cord-cutter, you can watch live NBA streams via different TV services provided and on the TV channels website. If you have an ESPN subscription, you can watch the final games on ESPN apps,, or through the ABC pass for android and iPhone. However, you must need an account to enjoy the NBA on those channels. You can even watch live online if you have access to those channels via your TV provider.

However, if you don’t have access to any of the channels, you can access them via different online TV providers. For example, Sling TV, fuboTV, AT&T TV, Hulu+Live TV, and YouTube TV. These services will let you watch NBA Finals Games 2022 live online without any interruption.

Sling TV

Sling is one of the cheapest TV streaming providers. However, you may not get a wide range of TV channels, but you will get most of the required channels to watch NBA. It offers two packages for the users, one package is Blue, and the other one is Orange. Among these two, Orange comes with ESPN3.

So, you can subscribe to the Orange package only, which will cost you $35/month. Nevertheless, none of the Sling packages includes the ABC channels. So, if you already have Sling or are planning to have a package, you will get ESPN to watch the NBA finals.

But, the good thing is that you can cancel the package anytime. Moreover, the new subscriber can get Sling packages for $10 for the first month. Hence, you can watch the NBA finals for $10. After that, you can cancel the package and subscribe later if needed. But, if you want to turn on the subscription with the same payment method, you will need to pay full, which is $35/month, as per the current policies.


If you want to access the NBA live stream for the regular season, playoffs, and finals, AT&T is your ultimate option. It has several plans with a combination of offerings starting from $70. But, NBA fans will need to subscribe to the Choice plan for $85/month, which includes ESPN, ABC, TNT as well as NBA TV.

However, the viewers who want to watch the NBA finals only can subscribe to other packages with access to ABC or ESPN3 only. You can check AT & T TV’s website to see all the packages. Just check all the packages and the features before you subscribe to one.

Hulu + Live TV

Although Hulu is popular for its large entertainment library, it also provides a TV streaming service that includes numerous sports and entertainment TV channels. So, you can get the TV channels like TNT, ESPN, and ABC for full season NBA stream live online. You will get all these for $65/month. Unlike AT&T TV, Hulu doesn’t provide NBA TV. So, the games available on NBA TV only cannot be watched on Hulu.

The Hulu+Live TV offers the whole on-demand library too. Hence, you can also enjoy movies, TV shows, and more. For an extra $8/month, you can also get access to ESPN+ and Disney.

Fubo TV

Although fuboTV is a sports-centric online TV streaming service, it doesn’t include all the channels to watch NBA Finals stream online free. However, you will get ABC for NBA finals for $65/month, which also covers other TV channels too.

Fubo TV doesn’t provide NBA So, and you will not be able to watch the NBA regulars season and playoff matches on TNT. Apart from the sports channels, you will also get access to the entertainment channels. While the starter plans offer 111 channels, you can get channels through upgrading the plans. You can visit the fuboTV website to check the details of the plan.

YouTube TV

TV services from Google offer most of the premium channels such as ESPN, TNT, ABC, and NBA TV for just $65/month. Besides, the subscriber will also get full access to the major cable network as well as the broadcast for all the NBA games.

So, if you want to watch NBA Games Today, including the playoffs and NBA finals, YouTube TV can be your cheapest option. Since they don’t have multiple plans for different customers, you can enjoy sports and entertainment by subscribing for $65/month.

NBA Finals 2022 live stream: How to watch online in the UK

You watch the 2022 NBA Finals in the UK through NBA League Pass, Now TV, and Sky Sports. Among these three options, most of the UK fans prefer the league pass as it provides all the NBA actions. Most importantly, you can enjoy it on a range of devices.

Sky Sports is another option to watch the NBA Finals in the UK. Besides, they also offer the regular season along with the playoffs. Apart from watching on cable, you can also watch online through the SkyGo app from anywhere in the UK. Sky Sports will cost you £9.99 a day or £33.99 a month.

Finally, the Now TV is the third option. It is nothing but a provider of Sky Sports services. You can subscribe the Sky Sports through Now TV and enjoy the NBA Games Today.

How to live stream NBA final 2022 and Watch the game online in Canada

The NBA has an official contract with several Canadian TV networks for the live NBA FinalsFor example, Canadians can enjoy the NBA on Sportsnet Now, TSN Network, and NBA TV Canada. However, the NBA League Pass is also accessible by the Canadians.

But, TSN might not stream all the NBA finals games. In the last season, they broadcasted Game 1 and Game 2. Nevertheless, if you have League Pass, you don’t need to worry about other TV subscriptions.

You can check the respective network’s website to know the details about NBA Playoffs 2022 and Finals in Canada.

How to watch the 2022 NBA Final live online in Australia

ESPN has the right to stream the NBA Finals in Australia, which can be accessed via Kayo Sports, Foxtel Now, Foxtel IQ, and Fetch TV. For ESPN subscription via the Kayo and other services, visit the respective website for details.

Furthermore, you can also sign up for the NBA League Pass. The League Pass will get you ten on-demand games per week. However, you cannot access the Payoff and NBA Finals games through the pass. In that case, you will need to subscribe to NBA TV for $37.99 a month.

How to watch NBA Finals Games live on any device?

All the online TV streaming services offer their apps for mobile, tablet, and any TV device. So, depending on your TV service, you can install the app from Google Play or the Apps store. Besides, if you have Fire TV, Chromecast, Roku, etc., you get separate apps with the service.

How to watch NBA Finals live stream free via Reddit?

If you are looking for Reddit NBA finals streams, we would suggest you not spend your time. It is because Reddit is not a TV streaming platform. Instead, you can discuss the NBA games like a forum on the subreddits.

However, you may see some people stream their videos. But, any commercial and copyright infringement stream is strictly prohibited.


All the methods we have mentioned in this article to watch NBA Finals 2022 live stream is legit. Depending on your location and needs, you can pick the desired service for regular seasons, playoffs, and NBA finals. We have mentioned. However, if you are firm about watching NBA finals, you should subscribe to the desired plans early instead of waiting for the last moment.


When do NBA Finals 2022 start?

As per the current schedule, the 2022 NBA finals will start on June 2, 2020. The finals consist of 7 games in total. So, the last game will take place on June 19, 2020. However, if teams tie, game 7 will take place. Otherwise, the NBA Finals will end on Game 6 or even Game 5.

Where to watch NBA Finals?

Depending on your location, NBA finals can be watched on various TV channels and online TV streaming services. Besides, you can also subscribe to NBA TV.

How many games in NBA Finals?

The NBA Finals have seven games. The winner of the Western and Eastern Conference champions proceeds to play seven games to determine the NBA Champions. However, all seven games might not be played if the champion is determined early.

Where can I watch the NBA finals live stream free?

Technically watching finals are not free, but you can minimize the cost by comparing different TV services. You can consider it free if you already have the services that provide ABC and ESPN. However, you may find some free streaming providers during the game days.