NBA League Pass: cost, How to watch the stream live, and more

NBA League Pass

NBA League Pass is a sports streaming service, which broadcasts all the events of an NBA regular season. Usually, basketball fans don’t want to miss a single tournament match.

It allows the fans to watch every NBA game, including the exhibition, regular season, and playoff games, through the NBA app and In addition, it lets you watch the matches available outside of your local area and not broadcasted on the Television.

Today, we will know all about the NBA League Pass here.

Packages and pricing:

NBA League Pass offers many packages. Their packages and pricing is given below:

NBA League Pass packages and pricing

League Pass:

The League Pass is the most popular package of the NBA streaming service. If you want to catch every NBA game of the season, you can subscribe to this package. These broadcasts are live and on-demand events of the tournament.

League pass costs $199.99. You will get a free trial for seven days.

For the viewer’s US, things are a little restricted. You will have to wait three days to watch the matches as per the local blackout rule. Other national TV channels also won’t broadcast the games until three hours after the broadcast. It contains ads.

Team Pass:

If you want to watch only your favorite team’s games, you can take the Team Pass. The team pass only covers the games which feature your favorite team. The local blackout rule is also applicable for this package.

The Team Pass will cost you $119.99.

League Pass Premium:

League pass premium is the better version of the League pass. It just removes all the unnecessary commercials. In addition, you can watch on two devices at a time in this package. So, with this, you will be able to share the game with your friends and families.

The cost of the League Pass Premium is $249.99

Day Pass:

A day pass allows you to watch all the events of the NBA in 24 hours. So if you get 1 or 2 days of vacation and watch basketball, you can take this service. You will get a whole day’s access to the contents, which are available in League Pass.

The day pass is comparatively a cheaper option, and this will cost £5.99 per day.

NBA Live TV:

NBA TV is a national TV channel. It is dedicated to only the NBA events. It will give you access to watch two games a week, features, and games press conferences. You can add NBA TV to your league pass or team pass options too.

The monthly subscription fee of NBA Live TV is $6.99 per month.

NBA League Pass Features:

Interactive Overlay:

The overlay of the NBA League pass is very interactive. The broadcast overlay includes different quizzes. So if you want to take part in quizzes, you can show your talent. In addition, there are polls about the teams, which reflects the fans’ thinking about the teams. It also provides stats of the teams and all the In-game highlights.

Downloadable Videos:

You will be able to download games on-demand in this service. If you want to download any matches that you want to watch offline, you will be able to do that. Two new sideline cameras have been added, which will improve your viewing experience.

Video Quality:

NBA League Pass offers events with very good video quality. You can watch all the contents in 720P. Most of the shows on this platform also support 1080P.

Mobile View:

The mobile users will be able to have a fantastic experience in the NBA League Pass. Mobile playback in small screen viewing is much optimized here. The graphics are very interactive. If you want to have a look at what’s happening in the court, you will have the chance to zoom off to zoom in.

Mosaic view:

NBA league pass comes with a feature called Mosaic View. This is a service where you will be able to watch multiple games at the same time. It will allow you to watch four matches on the same screen. So you won’t have to choose between two matches at the same.

Multi-screen Facilities:

When most of the streaming services are supported 2-3 at a time, NBA League Pass will let you watch the games from five devices at a time. So you will be able to share your pass with your friends and watch the matches together.

Customized Experience:

You can customize your viewing experience in the League pass. It will give you access to the announcers from all teams. The U.S. fans will also be able to hear the events in Spanish, Portuguese and Korean.


You can customize your plans with lots of add-ons. Such as:

  • Live radio streams of Home and Away games are available only for $9.99/year. 
  • VR live streaming is available only for $49.99/year.

Supported Devices and Platforms:

NBA league pass is supported in almost all streaming devices and platforms. You can watch NBA League Pass in ion, Android, Roku, Xbox One and Series X, Android TV, PlayStation 4 and 5, Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Stick, Fire TV, and Fire tablet Chromecast, Oculus (the US only).

What is NBA Blackout Rule?

NBA blackout rule is applicable for League pass. The Blackout rule means the game won’t be live if it is not broadcasted on the following platforms:

  • ESPN, ABC, TNT, and NBA TV
  • Regional Sports Network has the right to broadcast NBA games in a particular area.

If any game goes with the above criteria, it won’t be available in the league pass until three hours of broadcasting. If the regional sports network broadcasts the game, it won’t be available in the league pass for three days.

How to watch NBA League Pass on TV?

You can catch the NBA League Pass on your Television. Follow the instructions to do so:

  1. At first, Go to the app store of your device. Download the NBA app from the store
  2. After downloading the app, open it. You will see setting options in the menu
  3. Select the Sign-in option on the League Pass screen. If you are not already signed up, create your account.
  4. Enter your email and password. 
  5. You will be logged in. Now enjoy the matches on your device.


NBA League pass is a must for basketball fans, as it covers all the actions of the NBA. Even during the offseason, you will be able to watch the best games of the season. It has an extensive archive of 60 classic games, which will be a treasure for basketball fans. If you are a true basketball fan, subscribing to the NBA league pass will be a great deal for you.


What is the NBA League Pass?

NBA League Pass is basically a subscription service from the NBA which lets the fan watch all the regular-season games as well as on-demand videos on any device.

What does NBA League Pass cost?

Fans can buy the League Pass monthly or annually. The monthly pass will cost $28.99 per month while the annual plan is priced at $199.99 per year. However, these prices may drop at select items. So, you can visit the official page to see prices and details.

When is NBA League Pass free?

League Pass allows the fans to access full service for 7 days at diverse times any time of the year. Further, it depends on the market. So, if you are searching for a free NBA League Pass, you should visit the official subscription page to check if your location has any free 7-day trial.

How many devices can I stream NBA League Pass on?

League pass allows the users to stream multiple devices simultaneously. Users can stream two devices at a time. Further, it also allows you to watch four different games or stream on the same screen.

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