NBA Playoffs 2023: TV Schedule, Channel, How to watch games on Today

The most exciting period of a regular NBA season is the playoffs matches, which determine the league winners. The best teams from each conference attend the playoffs to conquer the NBA League title.

This is an annual best-of-seven elimination event, where the top team from each conference is selected to fight for the title. Here’s everything you need to know about the 2023 NBA playoffs, including a complete TV schedule of NBA playoff games today, tonight, and tomorrow that will be updated daily with start times and channels.

When will the 2023 NBA playoffs start?

The NBA playoffs start just after the NBA play-in event. The NBA playoff will start on April 15, 2023.

NBA playoffs bracket 2023

How to watch NBA Playoffs?

Various TV channels offer NBA playoff matches live. If you want to watch the games with your cable connection, you can sign in to the following networks:

  • ABC
  • ESPN
  • TNT
  • NBA TV

ABC has the right to broadcast the matches of the Playoffs and NBA Finals. They are free to watch. However, you will require to verify your TV provider’s account to catch the actions.

If you want to watch the NBA playoffs on ESPN, you will need to contact your cable operator. However, their monthly subscription will cost you only $7. 

TNT will also broadcast the event. Their monthly subscription costs $69.99 per month. You can also select NBA TV to watch the matches. Their monthly subscription costs only $19.99 per year. They also offer a free trial.

So if you are an NBA fan, contact your cable operator as soon as possible.

How to watch every NBA playoff games online and without cable?

If you are out of cable network, you can take the help of online streaming platforms to watch the NBA playoffs. The following platforms will broadcast the event:

Fubo TV:

You can watch the NBA Playoffs on Fubo TV. They will broadcast the event to their subscribers. The monthly subscription fee of Fubo TV costs $65. You will also get the following facilities with the subscription:

  • Channels:100+
  • Plans & Pricing: Starter ($64.99/month), Elite ($79.99/month), Latino Quarterly ($33/month)
  • ESPN: Yes
  • Supported devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, tablet, Roku, Apple TV, Samsung Smart TV, Xbox, and Amazon Fire TV.
  • Cloud DVR:30 hours of Cloud DVR space, expandable to 500 hours.
  • Free trial:7-day free trial is available.

Sling TV:

Sling TV is the cheapest online streaming service that will show you the NBA playoffs. Their monthly subscription costs only $35

  • Channels: 50+ channels
  • Plans & pricing: Sling Orange ($35/month), Sling Blue ($35/month), Orange + Blue Services ($50/month)
  • ESPN: Yes
  • Supported devices: Android, tablet, IOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV, and Amazon Fire TV.
  • Cloud DVR: 50 hours
  • Free trial: No free trial.

Hulu Plus Live TV:

Hulu Plus Live TV has the right to broadcast ESPN, through which you will be able to watch the matches of NBA Playoffs. Their monthly subscription costs $65

  • Channel: 75+ channels
  • Plans & pricing: Hulu + Live TV ($64.99/month) and Hulu (without ads)+ Live TV ($70.99/month)
  • ESPN: Yes
  • Supported devices: Android, Apple, ios, Amazon fire tv, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, LG TV, Xbox, Roku Nintendo Switch, Vizio, and more.
  • Cloud DVR: Up to 200 hours ($9.99/mo.)
  • Free trial: 14 days

Youtube TV:

Youtube TV will broadcast the event for their paid subscribers. The monthly subscription fee of Youtube TV costs $69.99.

  • Channel: 85+ channels
  • Plans & Pricing: $64.99 per month.
  • ESPN: Yes
  • Supported devices: Apple, Android, tablet, computerRoku, Amazon fire tv, Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, LG TV, and other streaming devices.
  • Cloud DVR: Unlimited
  • Free trial: 7 days of free trial is available.


You can also watch the NBA playoffs on AT&T TV. Their monthly subscription will cost you $69.99

  • Channel: 65+ channels
  • Plans and pricing: $69.99 per month
  • ESPN: Yes
  • Supported device: Android, tablet, IOS, Apple TV, Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV, and Amazon Fire TV
  • Cloud DVR: Up to 500 hours
  • Free trial: No free trial is available

How to watch the NBA playoffs live stream in the UK?

In the UK, you will get two options to watch the NBA playoffs:

  • Sky Sports
  • NBA League Pass

Sky Sports is a good choice for the NBA playoffs for the fans of the UK. You can contact your cable operator for the channel. If you are out of the cable territory, you can use Now TV, which will give you access to 11 sky network channels. You can also use NBA league pass to catch the live actions.

How to watch the NBA playoffs live stream in Canada?

The following platforms have the right to broadcast the event in Canada

  • Sports net Now
  • TSN Direct
  • NBA League Pass

You can subscribe to Sportsnet Now for $9.9( per week to 19.99 per month. They are available on Android, iOS, computers, Xbox, PlayStations, and other streaming devices. A day pass of TSN direct costs $4.99, and a monthly pass costs $19.99. You will get access to all 5 TSN feeds. You can also use the NBA League Pass.

How to watch the NBA playoffs live stream in Australia?

In Australia, you will get plenty of options to watch the matches live. The following platforms will show the event in Australia:

  • Foxtel IQ
  • Foxtel Now
  • Mayo TV
  • Fetch TV

A monthly subscription to Foxtel IQ costs $74 per month. They will allow to record and watch the videos in 4K resolution. If you want to watch on Foxtel Now, you will have to use $54 per month.

Kayo Sports is for you if you are looking for a cheaper deal for the NBA playoffs in Australia. Their monthly subscription will cost only $25. They will also offer you 14 days free trial. 

How to stream the NBA Playoffs on Your Phone, Tablet, or Streaming Device

If you want to watch the NBA playoff games today on your mobile devices, Roku, Android here are the apps you’ll need:

  • iOS: YouTube TV, TNT, ESPN
  • Android: YouTube TV, TNT, ESPN
  • Amazon devices: TNT, ESPN
  • Roku: ESPN, TNT, YouTube TV
  • PS4: ESPN
  • Xbox One: TNT, ESPN, YouTube TV

How many teams are in the NBA playoffs?

The top eight teams from each conference participate in this event. That means a total of 16 teams will participate in this event. 

How do the NBA playoffs work?

NBA playoffs are played to select the winners from the conferences. The winners of the conferences then play a seven-match series to win the league title. The tournament is played in the following format:

  • First Round
  • Semi-Finals
  • Conference Finals

All the teams play 82 matches in total. The top teams are selected automatically for the playoffs. In the first round, the top 8 teams play in 4 groups in each conference. After that, the top 4 teams go to the semi-finals, and from there, the finalists are selected. The winner of the conference final gets to play in the league final. NBA playoffs are crucial to determine the swimmers of the NBA season.


The main thrill of the NBA season starts with the playoff games. All the fans hope their favorite team to qualify for the playoff tournament. The team which plays consistently and well can win the league. So, if you are a Basketball fan, don’t miss catch all the NBA playoffs actions live.


When do the 2023 NBA Playoffs start?

The 2023 NBA Playoffs will start on April 16.

What Channel are the NBA playoffs on?

The NBA Playoffs will be televised on ABC, TNT, ESPN, and NBATV.

Online streaming platforms:

  • FuboTV
  • NBA 
  • Sling TV
  • Hulu+ live TV
  • Youtube TV
  • AT&T TV

Can I Watch NBA Playoffs live stream free via Reddit?

Previously, Reddit was a popular place to catch the live actions of the NBA. But currently, they don’t allow any NBA streams for the fans. You can get a Sportsbet account, they offer free NBA sports broadcast. 

What is NBA Playoff Bracket?

The playoffs of both conferences are played in a traditional bracket format. The rounds are best-of-seven series. The Series is played in 2–2–1–1–1 format, which means the team who has the home-court advantage will host the 1, 2, 5, and 7 games. On the other hand, the opponent will host 3, 4, and 6. The 5, 6, and 7 games will be played if needed.